About Us

Hipp Temporary is a full service temporary company which provides its customers with a pool of trained and skilled labor to simplify staffing problems and needs. We have three separate offices in the Fox River Valley area, with locations in Aurora, Batavia, and Naperville. We specialize in temporary-to-permanent hiring.

Our Aurora office was started in 1985 during a period of hard economic times in the Fox River Valley. Long established factories were closing and hundreds of skilled, dependable workers were out of work, many for the first time in their lives. The time was ripe for new hiring solutions to match this skilled workforce with area employers who were also feeling an economic crunch. In the following years, other offices were started in Elgin and Batavia.

While originally specializing in skilled industrial positions, including welding, tool and die, machining, finishing, machine maintenance, and fabrication, we began to expand our scope during the 1990s. Now, in addition to skilled industrial positions, Hipp Temporary places its employees in a variety of skilled and unskilled jobs, including material handling, licensed truck driving, landscaping, clerical, customer service, reception, secretarial, bookkeeping, drafting, engineering, and professional positions. It has always been our policy that our customers are free to hire an employee of ours on a permanent basis after the employee remains on our payroll for an agreeable period.

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